#Rockface collection

There are many places in New Zealand that I love to photograph and I am fortunate to be able to photograph them many times over.

Each time I like to pretend that I have never been there before, I don't want to become too familiar and not truly 'see' the landscape for what it is, on that day, at that time.

As a result, I come away with images that thrill and excite me. 

On this day the light on these Rock formations in the Nevis Valley was at such and angle, I saw faces.

I return home to my studio and print them. Once printed they then exist. 


While sitting in the passenger seat (when Mike is driving) I find myself mesmerized by the light that flickers through the branches of trees.

This is not a random shot, I have been practicing this technique for years. The idea is for the viewer to connect with the experience and engage a thought process.